Abigail’s Newspaper Project

Billing Newspaper Project
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While I have some experience with graphic design this was the first time I have designed a newspaper layout.  For it being my first time designing a newspaper layout I am very pleased with the outcome of this project.  I have used InDesign before so I think that that helped me with this project because I only had to learn about what makes a good newspaper design instead of learning both news design and InDesign. While I have used InDesign in the past there were functions that I has not used before such a paragraph styles.  Using paragraph styles was very helpful, especially when I decided to change the style of the jump lines. I could easily change them all at once.  There was a few times where the paragraph styles got a little weird and wouldn’t let me change a element of the style. In this case I ended up deleting the style and making a new one and then it worked.  Over the course of this project I ended up changing my design from my original sketch.  I originally was going to try and use all the stories we were given, but then I felt like the page was too crowded.  Another design sketch that I had I thought was good until I realized that there was bumping headline.  I think that was one of the harder elements of the design.  Trying to find a design where no headlines bumped into each other and there was no layer cake was kind of hard, but I think that I managed to figure out a design that didn’t have these issues.  Overall, I enjoyed this project and am pleased with the outcome of the project.

COOL Newspage project

Amber Chestnut's Newspage
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Here is my reflection for the Newspage project. I really didn’t think this would be a hard assignment (or an assignment that would take a lot of time to complete) but I was wrong. I spent most of my time working on this assignment trying to figure out how I wanted to set up its layout. Ass I would come up with different designs, I found myself breaking rules constantly so I would have to change them again. I couldn’t get the layout to fit the way I wanted them to. Overtime I finally felt like I found one that would work. I’m not entirely happy with the it but I think it’s pretty okay for my first time. I also wanted to be creative with the images for each story. I really liked how I wrapped the deck around the map image for the gerrymander story. I was kind of worried that I might be breaking another rule but I couldn’t figure out how so I took the risk/chance at it and I’m happy with it. I kind of did the same thing with the Rosie headline but that was mainly because I couldn’t find a way I liked to fit the image into the story and I also couldn’t fill the space for the headline the way I liked so I put the image in the headline. In the end I liked how I did my page. I was also worried that my images (beside the centerpiece) would be to small but I wanted to give each story a visual element. In the end, I think I was able to stick to most of the rules and was able to add a little spin of creativity into it.

Newspage Design

Anna Atsinger's Newspage
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This was the first news page design I have ever completed, and it is nothing like I had expected.
I figured, “How hard could it be to design a newspaper? They all look the same anyways.” Well, as you can probably guess, I was wrong. Throughout class and this process, I learned that news pages rarely look the same.

My biggest struggle was arranging the items I wanted and needed to include. I had to make the most important story the biggest of course, but I also didn’t want it to take up all of the columns. Because of this, I was left with a single column on the left. While I don’t hate it by any means, I just isn’t my favorite. I wish I had a bigger canvas to work with and could have made the items in this column a tad bigger. After that, I wanted it to be known that my Walmart story was the second most important. So, of course, it is the second largest image. I do like the look of this, but I also do wish I still had a bigger canvas to work with.

Now mentioned the directional force of my news page. The little girl featured in my main image is looking left, which is why I put my one column to the left. The gerrymander story is not to be confused as being the second most important element on the page though. While some peoples’ eyes may go to that story next due to this directional force, I purposely did not include a lot of text, as to show it is not that important. In my opinion and for me, my eyes go from biggest image to smallest image, in that order. So the Walmart story is clearly second to me, even though it is down a bit.

Now on to the glorious promo at the top of my news page. I absolutely love the idea I had in my head for this, and it was the only one I thought would look good. To be honest, I hate the other options we were given for the promos (such as the apple pie picture). My professor had done this promo in class, and I truly didn’t mean to copy him, it was just the only arrangement in my opinion that looked nice. Well turns out I couldn’t have copied him exactly even if I wanted to! The fading of the pictures into each other was a NIGHTMARE. I spent at least 45 minutes on that alone, trying to get them to look as if they were the same picture. After much frustration, I did my best. I had to fade them both into a sort of white fuzz to get it to look decent and to not be able to completely see the line of where the two pictures meet. Another lesson learned: easier seen than done.

Fonts were another challenge for me. I wanted to find fonts that looked nice and had a news page feel to them, but could only choose 3 font families. I found some I liked, but it was challenging decided which font should go where, should it be bold or not, do these font families really compliment each other, and more. Questions which I’m sure are common for an amateur designer.

Overall this was a fun experience, and I really did enjoy getting to know some tips on how to create a news page. As for In Design… well, me and this software have had a rough past, and this assignment did not help. While I appreciate all it does, I am just too impatient with technology to completely love working with this software.

My news page project

Kelly Obbie's news page
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I have previous experience with InDesign, but this is the most in depth I have gone when designing a news page. I worked at the IDS design desk for a short time, and there I followed templates and experienced students helping me most of the time. Going into this project with a blank page and with no one sitting next to me was intimidating and challenging, but overall I liked the experience. I enjoyed choosing from the different options and customizing the page to fit what I thought best, and I thought it was fun to design a page that will catch readers’ eyes.

I faced challenges when trying to fit everything I wanted onto one page. I drew an outline in class, but I underestimated how much space I would need for the text. When I realized I would need to rearrange some things, it became hard to redo my work because moving one thing led to a domino effect on the rest of the page that required me to redo a lot of parts. I took Professor Layton’s advice and made my headline and main image larger, but I did not make them as large as I think they should have been to emphasize hierarchy because I had a hard time making them big while still finding a way to fit everything I wanted. I had to cut the runner story because I could not find a way to fit the vertical picture on the page with its story while still having the photo face the middle of the page.

I also had a hard time finding a happy medium in diversity. I followed the three-face maximum rule, but I still feel like I could have put more diversity in the page and changed the fonts more. When designing the page I feared that it looked too inconsistent, and this fear made me more reserved when changing fonts.

In short, I am proud of how my news page turned out. As someone with little to no experience designing news pages, I had to put in a lot of work to figure out certain InDesign features and how to follow design rules, and although there are some things I could have done better, I think this is a good start.

Laura Morley’s Newspage

Although this was my first newspaper spread design, I throughly enjoyed this assignment. The only part of this assignment that really challenged me was deciding the layout of my main story. I knew that I wanted to display a large image and large text, however, I wanted the headline to completely stand out from the rest of the page. It wasn’t until the day before the assignment was due that I decided to change the typeface completely! Overall, I really enjoyed designing this newspaper layout and found that by starting the assignment early enough, it gave me time to decide which aspects of my design I enjoyed and which ones I wanted to change. I also found it very helpful to get outside input from my family and friends to see if they would be inclined to pick this newspaper up.



Laura Morley's Newspage

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The class will provide an overview of the skills needed to produce these kinds of work, as well as explore the design theory — principles, typography, color, composition, etc. — that underpins all of them. Along the way, you will pick up or enhance valuable, employable skills in software such as InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, and learn the basics of HTML and CSS as well.

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