Magazine Design!!!

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This project took a lot of time to complete, but overall I am very pleased with the end result. Compared to creating a newspage, I feel like this assignment allowed me to have more of an opportunity to create a layout that showcased more of my creative side. When designing pages, I normally don’t like anything too flashy or aggressive so I picked images for the inside of the spread that had minimal color which allowed me to created more of a modern layout.

My favorite page of the spread is definitely the full story page. When I first started designing this page, I knew I wanted it to have minimal color because it best resembled Alberto Giacometti’s work with plaster.

The most challenging page to design was the ASF. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to place all five album covers. Originally I had them all spread out into two columns but doing that made it hard for me to place the rest of the text. I feel like the single column across the page was the best choice I could’ve made for the page.

Overall, I feel like this assignment taught me a lot about magazine design and definitely heightened my interested in the graphic design side of the magazine industry.

Newspaper Project

Chris McMillion's News Page
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Here is my reflection for the news page project. I promise I will add real text to this post before Tuesday’s class.

This was my first time using inDesign and designing a layout for a newspage. That being said, I am very pleased with the outcome of my project. When I was first designing the page, I couldn’t decide how I wanted set up my centerpiece. I knew Crestwood was the best story to feature but figuring out what picture to use and where I wanted to place it in relation to the title was challenging. At first I wanted to feature the title in the picture but it ended up adding too much clutter in the image. I decided take a larger font and print the title across the newspage. Looking over my newspage, I noticed a minor error. Instead of starting the Tera Moody story under the bolded title, I started it under the photo of Tera Moody. If this were in a published newspaper, the reader could end up reading the entire story wrong because they didn’t read the correct beginning. Other than that, I think I was able to create an easy flow for the reader to follow.This project helped give me a better understanding of inDesign. Now, I feel more comfortable with inDesign which will help me to be more creative on future projects.

Welcome to J463 (Design One)

J463 is a skills-based design class, in which you will expand and stretch your creative abilities in a variety of projects that represent the different ways in which graphic design can be used within the sphere of journalism in 2018. This will include traditional print design (layouts) and illustration as well as web design and design for mobile devices.

The class will provide an overview of the skills needed to produce these kinds of work, as well as explore the design theory — principles, typography, color, composition, etc. — that underpins all of them. Along the way, you will pick up or enhance valuable, employable skills in software such as InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, and learn the basics of HTML and CSS as well.

This course is hard work, but it’s work that I trust you will find rewarding. Whether you are looking to add to your growing skills or to take a first step on your path to graphic design as a career, I hope you will find J463 a valuable part of your education.