Newspaper Project

Chris McMillion's News Page
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Here is my reflection for the news page project. I promise I will add real text to this post before Tuesday’s class.

This was my first time using inDesign and designing a layout for a newspage. That being said, I am very pleased with the outcome of my project. When I was first designing the page, I couldn’t decide how I wanted set up my centerpiece. I knew Crestwood was the best story to feature but figuring out what picture to use and where I wanted to place it in relation to the title was challenging. At first I wanted to feature the title in the picture but it ended up adding too much clutter in the image. I decided take a larger font and print the title across the newspage. Looking over my newspage, I noticed a minor error. Instead of starting the Tera Moody story under the bolded title, I started it under the photo of Tera Moody. If this were in a published newspaper, the reader could end up reading the entire story wrong because they didn’t read the correct beginning. Other than that, I think I was able to create an easy flow for the reader to follow.This project helped give me a better understanding of inDesign. Now, I feel more comfortable with inDesign which will help me to be more creative on future projects.