Magazine Design

Danyang's Magazine Design
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My goals for this project is to implement as much design techniques as I can to express content and attract attention. And I felt like I achieved my goal of this publication because I used as much skills I learned from this class and use them quite fluently. To qualify the Three-Maximum principle of design, I used Abadi MT Condensed Bold, Helvetica and Times as the dominate type family. The style of boldness and clearness of the Abadi MT Condensed Bold, Helvetica helps to arrest attention and creat consistent publication. I also applied the “three-layer sandwich” layering effect to put the figure in the cover closer to the viewer than the publication name. This layering effect helps grabs viewer’s attention better. In the A.S.F page, I created a chart to better visually represent the total reader votes of the five best albums. On the bottom, I organized the information summaries of the five albums into a ladder and used numbers as a lead. In addition, I used four main colors in my design to be visually consistent–––red, golden yellow, black and white. A thin red bar appears on the top of the page is also my design decision to create consistence and balance. When I was doing this project, I always remind myself of the principles of design which I thought was extremely useful and helpful. For example, I will place the image asymmetrically to reach “balance” and repeat the dominate colors I used and design elements to reach “repetition” and “unity”. I will definitely continue using the  seven principles of design in the future and they are potential knowledge I need to learn well if I choose a graphic design career. Speaking of this, I think I still need to improve my ability of being “creative”. And “Variety” is one principle I need to explore further. Overall, I enjoy doing this project and glad I finally made it with all my efforts.

Newspage !!!

Danyang's NewsPage
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Although the process of putting everything including texts and pictures on the newspage is very simple, there’s a lot of to consider before the final step. For this project, I was trying to applying all the good techniques and knowledges I learned during class to make my newpage simple and effective. I think Consistency and Readability are two of the most important concepts for creating a good design. For example, using a comfortable and readable fonts and keep all the fonts and sizes consistent through out the page. In addition, it is critical to keep it simple. I was trying to be fancy at first but I  realized simplicity generates the best effects for readers. Overall, I felt interesting in doing this project and it promotes my skills in using adobe softwares.