Seth Cashman-Magazine

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Going Underground-with a really good reflection that’s not completely lorem ipsum.

After browsing through the folder once we first received this assignment, I sketched out numerous designs. The two biggest influences were Professor Layton’s Mondrian coffee cup and the maps from the Beck article. Therefore, I knew I needed to include rectangles and lines in my final design. I also drew various logos for the “Four Six Three” title, but did not end up using them-to ensure I could use the sandwich technique on the cover. I chose the Skia, Phosphate, and Times font families for the line structures to complement and vary from the Underground maps.

After the cover, I moved to the alternate story form. I struggled with keeping my body text size and fitting the entire body on the single page. Originally, I had more diagonal lines to reflect the train diagram in the Beck article, but I failed to get Sergeant Pepper’s on the page. So I went back to the right angles and a simple straight list.

I started on the feature story picture next. I copied the Underground logo for the title. Then I put every image on the page before I went back to the blurred train that I submitted. It is not the most exciting picture, but it had the color scheme from the logo and an internal sense of motion towards the text. Looking at the PDF now, I should have left the author’s name without a border.

On the final spread, I noticed I left a widow line on the first page. My main goal was to fit the body copy on the pages and contrast the old picture of Beck and his illustration with the modern map. I gave up trying to get the sidebar text to fit around the posters headline image, so I moved the text down into the middle of the page. I resized each of the posters and placed them in the sidebar, but ultimately went with those that had text that was legible when overlapped with the title. Originally I had them at different angles, but decided to keep with the right angles in the rest of the design.

These past two projects reminded me how much I loathed InDesign back in C226. Those feelings have not subsided.

Seth Cashman-Newspage

Seth Cashman Newspage
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This is the first project for this graphic design course. I chose the contaminated well story for my main story and center of visual impact. I wanted to include the girl swinging, the Danger Chlorine picture, and the Crestwood map. I could not fit all of these into the rest of my design, so I changed the opacity of the Danger image to fit beneath the girl on the swing.

Looking at the thumbnail now, I should have put a box behind the runner story to visually offset and separate the story from the rest of the page.


I had two bumping headlines at the top of my page, so I moved the gerrymander map image to the top of the story.