Kim’s Magazine Design

Kim Cagle's magazine design
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This project underwent a lot of revisions, but in the end I was very happy with the results! I love using  color to evoke emotions. There is a lot of yellow/gold in the design in hopes of creating an inquisitive and adventurous feeling. My creative process is very go-with-the-flow in that I did not sketch a lot before making the InDesign file. This will definitely change for the next poster assignment since all the materials will be of my own.

My biggest challenge was the cover page – more specifically, how to make the text legible against an intricate background. I was able to solve this issue with a thicker text (Benton Sans). Also, the alternative story form was originally red instead of blue. In retrospect, I think I should’ve kept the red to keep that bold and engaging look.

When I was designing the “Going Underground” story, I knew I wanted to mimic the Underground’s round circle in the text hence the Bauhaus93 font. I also knew I wanted viewer to be able to compare the original underground sketch to the modern day version. The two maps on the final page were initially smaller, but after creating more space with the text arrangement I was able to increase the image sizes to be more digestible.

Overall, creating this magazine layout was really fun for me! I could see myself doing this full time.



Kim’s Newspaper

Kim Cagle's Newspage
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The newspaper project for J463 was an easy process for me. I found the most tedious things were font continuity and a comprehensive flow of photos that took into account the photos’ composition and directional force. Overall, I found the process for this assignment as a creative new outlet that took me outside of my typical flyer designs.