Hannah Boufford Magazine Design

Hannah Boufford's magazine design
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I would like to start by saying that I love magazine design, and I am not at all happy with how my finished project turned out.

At the end of the day, I just did not allow myself enough time to design spreads and pages that I satisfied me beyond just the requirements for this class. I really love the city of London, so I thought this project would be on the easier side to complete it because I was so passionate about the topics, but ultimately, I think I expected more out of myself than I was able to provide. And even though I say I did not allow enough time for myself to be happy, I can’t seem to find a time in hindsight where I could have started this assignment earlier because I did spend hours and hours on this assignment, including getting less than four hours of sleep the three nights before it was due, with less than two hours on the night before it was due. (I believe my Canvas submission is timestamped at 4:36 a.m., or something of that sort.)

One of my biggest struggles for this assignment was the cover design. I couldn’t find a photo that I thought represented my version of London better than the photo of the double-decker bus parked in a London street with all the architecture in the background. Ultimately, though, after discussing it in class, I scratched that photo because I was unable to get it to work the way I wanted. The photo I ended up choosing was pretty bland just as a black and white photo of the Eye, so I tried to switch it up with some effects in Photoshop, but I realized after I submitted the assignment that the blue effect I put underneath the Eye should have gone all the way around the ride instead of stopping towards the bottom. I stopped because it didn’t really stand out to me when I was looking at it on the computer screen and also because I was worried about trying to create a layer mask of the lower elements of the Eye. I really love the color pairings of light blue with maroon or light maroon, and those colors scream England to me, but I think in this case, the pink-maroon could have been a bit darker. I also wish I had played around with the refers a little bit more to add more text and description, but I decided to limit myself on what they said to better fit the design.

As for the ASF page, that was the last page of the design that I did. I tried to illustrate an album cover and a record coming out of it, but I’m a little torn on how it turned out. I think the page lacks something important, but I couldn’t figure out what in the designing process. However, I think it’s a relatively clean design, albeit, a little uncreative, so I wish I had made it a bit more surprising in the design aspect.

For the four-page spread, I am relatively happy with the opening page. I think having the majority of those two spreads being the underground map sets off what specific part of London the story is going to be talked about, and the half the sign and title should signal that, if it’s not already clear enough. There probably should have been a little more text on those two pages to start the story, but I also liked the idea of ending on the line I did and pulling out the word “diagram” to draw readers in. I did end up really liking these two pages as a whole, but it was the inside spread that bothers me the most of this entire project.

I don’t think the inside pages replicated the idea of the London Underground clearly enough, although I supposed the lines and dots on the pages tie the two spreads together. However, they should have been replicated more and in a less obnoxious way than the way they turned out. Overall, this page was just lackluster, probably in part due to the sheer amount of text, which if I had had more of the story on the first spread like I mentioned above might have helped break up the story and how it looks on the page even more.

As always, this project and the tutorials leading up to it were great practice, but I am looking to completing something more satisfying for my poster project.

Hannah Boufford Newspage

Hannah Boufford's newspage
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This project was a really good learning experience for me. As a news editor at the IDS, I’ve become used to working with newspages on a regular basis, but it is usually once the page is mostly finished and there is little designing left to do. Having experience with both graphic design and working with newspages, I didn’t think this project would be very difficult, but it took me much longer to complete it than I expected. I had a lot of ideas originally that didn’t end up being represented in the final design, mostly because they looked good in my sketch but the size looked wrong in InDesign.

However, I really enjoyed doing the project because I felt like I learned a lot about how to design a page. I enjoyed sketching out a plan beforehand and trying to stick with it, and I also feel like I now have a stronger and better appreciation for strong news design.

For my project in particular, I’m still not as happy with it as I wanted to be, but I think that’s mainly from the fact that I was unable to implement everything I wanted to into the design.

I chose the IDS’s display typeface — Chronicle Display — as my headline typeface because I enjoy the way it looks on the page, and I think it can be used effectively for typical headlines and also more display-style headlines. I chose Source Sans Pro as my sans serif font because it has always seemed very clean and simple. Both Chronicle and Source gave me a variety of weights, too, which helped in the designing process. I struggled the most with finding a body copy typeface, but I ended up going with Times New Roman, which I’m not sure was the right decision, but it seemed like a safe one.

Besides the typefaces, everything else was relatively easy, just more time-consuming than anything else. Trying to find how everything would fit together and how to get all the elements to line up with one another was quite tedious, but in a way that was ultimately very satisfying when I finished the page.