Abigail’s Magazine Project

Abigail Billing's Magazine Cover
Click the image above to view a PDF version of the full magazine project.

I really enjoyed this project.  Before this project I had only ever designed a magazine in C226, but I have created other design projects that have similar needs as a magazine. I feel comfortable working in Adobe InDesign so I didn’t have any real problem working with this program other then my paragraph styles got messed up at one point and I had to spend some time fixing it. Overall I am very pleased with the outcome of this project.

At the beginning of this project I sketched out ideas for each of the pages in the project, but the final product looks somewhat different then the original sketches.  The cover didn’t change much from the sketch to the final product, but I did try the design with a couple different images before deciding to use the image of Big Ben.   The two story spreads went through some changes from the sketch to the final product.  This was mostly due to image sizing and making sure all of the story text fit on the pages. I wanted to include several images in the spread because the story was about an artist and I thought it would be good to include images of his work.  However because I wanted to include several images it took me a bit to find a layout where the images and text all fit on the page and didn’t feel crowded.  One thing that I need to work on in designing layout is element size.  I have noticed that I tend to make thing very large.  I think this might be because when I work on a laptop everything is smaller so I think that the elements will be too small in the final product. I need to work on recognizing good sizing of images so that everything is not to large and overwhelming.  Also this will help with spacing and white space so that not every page is completely full of content.  For the story spread I worked with a very limited color scheme – black, white, and green. I wanted to do this to try and replicate the feeling of a clean, modern art museum.  Most of the images were neutral colors so I drew the green from the one image that had a lot of green to try and tie the page together.

The Alternate Story Form page changed the most through this process.  My original sketch had a smaller title and had information about each album cover, but when I transferred that design idea into InDesign I felt like the design was too crowded and busy.  I didn’t create new sketches after deciding to redo the ASF and instead I started just playing around with the design until I landed on something that I liked. One thing I would probably change about the ASF would be to make the headline smaller and try to fit some text info about each cover, or at least about the top rated cover because I think giving more info about each cover might make the page more impactful then simply having an image and dates.  I wanted to add some color to this page, but I was sure at first what color to use because each of the album covers have very different color schemes.  I ended up using red because I felt like that fit the rock ‘n roll music theme of the page.

One of my favorite parts of designing magazine pages is deciding what fonts to use.  I like trying to find fonts that are unique and fit the theme and feel of the spread.  One thing I would like to do is try and be a little more creative with my typography instead of just picking fun fonts.  A part of the project that I think I need more practice with is using color.  My pages tend to be very simple with colors. Generally black, white and another color.  I think part of this might be a more minimalist style that I like, but I would like to try and work with more colors.  Overall I think this project went very well and I am pleased with the outcome.



Abigail’s Newspaper Project

Billing Newspaper Project
Click the image above to see a pdf version of the design.

While I have some experience with graphic design this was the first time I have designed a newspaper layout.  For it being my first time designing a newspaper layout I am very pleased with the outcome of this project.  I have used InDesign before so I think that that helped me with this project because I only had to learn about what makes a good newspaper design instead of learning both news design and InDesign. While I have used InDesign in the past there were functions that I has not used before such a paragraph styles.  Using paragraph styles was very helpful, especially when I decided to change the style of the jump lines. I could easily change them all at once.  There was a few times where the paragraph styles got a little weird and wouldn’t let me change a element of the style. In this case I ended up deleting the style and making a new one and then it worked.  Over the course of this project I ended up changing my design from my original sketch.  I originally was going to try and use all the stories we were given, but then I felt like the page was too crowded.  Another design sketch that I had I thought was good until I realized that there was bumping headline.  I think that was one of the harder elements of the design.  Trying to find a design where no headlines bumped into each other and there was no layer cake was kind of hard, but I think that I managed to figure out a design that didn’t have these issues.  Overall, I enjoyed this project and am pleased with the outcome of the project.