Magazine Design Project

Seunggyoo (Evan) Yang's Magazine Design
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I designed the magazine cover, Alternative Story Form, Main story of the magazine, and a box form of the second story of the magazine on this project. I used the main picture as the London eye because the main topic of the magazine is London. I was trying to use the building of big ben, but it was too dark, or the building was not the central of the image. So, I chose the image of the image of London eye during the sunset. Also, I used three colors of England flag, which are Red, Blue, and White, to make a connection between the main topic of the magazine and the magazine. Also, I made a similar shape of the London eye by aligning the stories of the magazine right to make a consistency of the cover image and the stories of the magazine.

For Alternative Story Form, I used The 5 best album covers with aligning the image and the text as switching right and left. It was because aligning one side would make too boring in my sense, so I switched the position of the image and the information of the albums. As making the rank numbers of the album match the main colors of album, I wanted to achieve the color consistency of the page. Also, on the opening spread image, I use the image of Underground plate on the London street because it would be easy to let people know easily what the story will be. For the sidebar design, I made a blue box, red headline, and white fonts to achieve consistency of the cover image colors. Also, by putting yellow box under the images, I tried to apply triads color strategy.

During designing the magazine, the best element that I did on this design is image selection. I searched images of the cover and the opening spread several times because the given image of cover image was too dark or not appropriate to my design. Also, the given image of opening spread was impossible to use on the magazine because the photo was too centralized, and it would be divided on the magazine in my design. So, I searched the Underground plate on the side to achieve the balance of the copy and image.

On the other hand, the most challenge element in the design is color. I was trying to make a consistency of England color, but I thought using only three colors made the magazine boring and too much colors would make the magazine messy. So, I tried to use three main colors and two other colors additionally, black and yellow, to make the design still consistency, but not so messy or boring. But, I feel my color selection was not so good and there is other better way to make the design more attractive. So, I choose the color selection as the most challenge element in this magazine design.

Newspaper Project Feb 08/2018

Seunggyoo (Evan) Yang's Newspage
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It is my first time to design the full print media. When I got assigned it, I had struggles of designing the pages such as assigning the grids of body copy and pictures because I had never considered the newspaper at all while I read it. So, when I decided the grids of stories, I firstly put everything without considering well designs and felt it seemed messy. After my first trial, I visited to look through several US newspapers to know how to get the attractive newspaper and what is the rule of the newspaper design.

While I saw the real newspaper designs, I got some ideas to design the newspaper, but recognized that I had insufficient skills of InDesign at that moment. So, I made the first rough draft and sent to the professor and my friends to get some feedback. When I got feedback, I checked them consciously and found the CVI was wrong and the words were too much as the front page. So, I spent several days for redesigning and rearranging the stories.

As I did it, I knew a little change can change the front page either attractive or not. The most challenging thing in this project was it, knowing the little thing to make the front page more attractive. Until knowing it, my page was just messy and put everything without consideration, and it was not interesting at all. However, when I knew it and changed a little things step by step, I felt my page became more powerful than the rough version as gathering all the little changes. The best thing in my page is the main CVI and the Headline inside of it. It is easily readable and enough to grad readers’ attention by assigning different colors in different words. It could be thought as too much decorative, but I would say it is not because I wanted to highlight the two words, “Poison” and “Well”. As highlighting those words, I believe readers would like to read its story more. Also, the CVI is large enough to let readers know what the main topic of the newspaper is and what they should read first.

Even I like my newspage design, I would like to change one thing that I would like to but have not found ideas how to change. It is the word counts. Even I shrank the amount of words, I still feel too much words on the page. Also, I know the balance of top and bottom is not well because too big pictures on the top, but too little pictures on the bottom. I was tried to rearrange the pictures, but it made off-balance or bad readability. So, I restored it as same as the final version.

The reason of choosing the main typographic is that as I knew CenturyOldStyTEE is the most formal and readable serif styles as I used the fonts before in MSCH-A420. Due to this reason, I set all label, headline, deck, byline, serviceline, and box captions with this font to make the unity of the page. However, on quote and captions, I used TimesNewRoman because quote and captions should be heavier than body copy to make readers grab attention to read body copy. As including the newspaper name plate, I should not have any more fonts to meet three-maximum rules. However, I used one more font, Copper Black, in promotion because I need much heavier font than Bold CenturyOldStyTEE or Bold TimesNewRoman to grab readers’ attention. And I feel Copper Black is more powerful than other two bold fonts, so I decided to break three-maximum rule.