Menghua Yang_Magazine

This is the cover of my magazine. Click to see my full design.

Making a magazine seems more difficult for me than newspaper because it needs both creativity and unity through the design.

I started my thinking from the cover page. looking through all the photos given, I tried to find a special angle that may help my design looks different with others. Therefore I chose the one which looks like it was token at night. I do like the yellow color of the photo that makes the tone vintage. So, for the font, I chose a old-fashioned one and make it short and wide and I also placed a little bit shadow under it. As for the text color, I also used a color of white but not pure white. I add 5% of black to the white color that made it a little vintage look too. In the color part, I chose three basic color for my whole design — white, black and red. The red color that I have chosen seems vintage too. I  chose red to represent “London” because I think the city is classic but still in passion. That is the charm of the city. All the “London” that I used in my design is in red. That shows the unity of my whole design.

For the ASF page I really tried hard to think of a way that let my design outstanding and unique. So I tried the way of making some words large enough for me to put pictures or text into it. But that made my whole design a little bit hard to read. Then I bold all the headlines to show the sequence of reading. I used an angle of the picture on my cover as the background of my ASF page because I want two page in a fluent color base.

For the opening spread, I used Photoshop to distort the text and make my headline seems extending with the tunnel in the picture. And I used the same typeface with the headline for the word “London”.

My last creative point is for the side bar. Because I really have no idea of how to make an interesting sidebar, I made the words wrapping around the handle of the mug. The picture I chose for the last spread is also mainly in red. That also show part of the unity of the whole design. I made my first letter of the first paragraph red and also one word in the page number on bottom of each page is red too.

Menghua Yang-News Page

Menghua Yang News Page
click this page to see my design

Here is my reflection of my news page.

When I first began working on the page, I have no idea what I should do first. I tried to use all I learnt in the graphic design course J463. I tried to began with the promos because I think a good promos above the title is pretty cool. I choose the super bowl as the only promo I use. I read a lot front page on Newseum. Then I decided to use a five column layout.  I put all the five stories in my design and choose “poison in the well” as my center piece. When I fit in all the stories, there seems no space for any other promos. And I don’t think other two promos are important as much as the storied. I used four pictures in my design. I thought of using for than dour. But after I tried, I found that layout doesn’t seem clear as a news page but a little complex. So I took out the picture in Walmart. The two picture in Walmart story is not that much good and important among all other stories.