Laura Morley’s Magazine Design

Laura Morley's Magazine Design
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Overall, I truly enjoyed this project because we had a lot of free range in the creativity department. Compared to the newspaper project, this was more satisfying because it was truly our content and work. This project also opened my eyes to maybe getting into the magazine designing industry and maybe looking into working for a magazine company in the future. Although the newspaper project was interesting, there were a lot of restrictions with creativity, which this project allowed. For example, we had three whole spreads to design with color, text and design decisions to make. In addition, last semester in C226 the magazine design was my least favorite project because I felt that I had no skills to design the spreads. However, in J463 by learning many tricks and tools in InDesign, this project was made a lot more enjoyable because I knew what I was doing and had those tools to accomplish my creative desires. This assignment also taught me how to truly understand internal spacing and how effective white space truly is to a design. Color was also very important in this project because too many colors was confusing for this viewer, but too little made the page look boring.

In selecting my cover photo, I had a really hard time because I wanted a photo that was eye catching and colorful. Reflecting back on it now, I am not happy with the photo I selected because it has a lot of color and somewhat like a cartoon. Although the photo is beautiful, I could have selected a photo that had more regular colors in it. After learning the about the Quick Selection tool in Photoshop, I knew that I wanted to have part of my cover photo overlapping the title of the magazine. This ultimately lead me to the selection of the open photo I did choose because it allowed me to add the promos on the right of the photo. Overall, I am happy with the overall appearance on my cover, but I wish I either selected another picture or turned it into a black and white photo so that I could add the colors of the underground logo to the cover page.

The opening spread of my design is my favorite because I love the simplicity of it. With the black and white coloring of the photo, it allowed me to be a little more creative. When I selected the Underground story, I immediately knew that I wanted to add lines like the map of the railroad, and make it consistent throughout my design. One thing that I did struggle with on my opening spread was the title. Because I wanted to have my title be white, this created a little trouble with contrasting it from the photo in the background. I originally only had a drop shadow on the title but it wasn’t enough to make the title pop off the page like I wanted it too. Finally, I add a very small outline around my text in black that I know wasn’t great for designing, but it added the contrast that was necessary for my design. For my main spread, I knew that I wanted to display some off the posters for my sidebar, which was the first thing in my main spread. Selecting the photographs in the right hand page was hard for me because I didn’t want it to be repetitive, but I wanted to give a wide array of photographs to show the view what the underground railroad looked like.

I truly enjoyed this assignment and enjoyed the free range of creativity that it allowed. I could see myself doing this full time.


Laura Morley’s Newspage

Although this was my first newspaper spread design, I throughly enjoyed this assignment. The only part of this assignment that really challenged me was deciding the layout of my main story. I knew that I wanted to display a large image and large text, however, I wanted the headline to completely stand out from the rest of the page. It wasn’t until the day before the assignment was due that I decided to change the typeface completely! Overall, I really enjoyed designing this newspaper layout and found that by starting the assignment early enough, it gave me time to decide which aspects of my design I enjoyed and which ones I wanted to change. I also found it very helpful to get outside input from my family and friends to see if they would be inclined to pick this newspaper up.



Laura Morley's Newspage

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