Magazine Design

Danni Li's Magazine Design
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This is my second time to do a magazine design. The last one is for 226 class. This time, I think I feel more comfortable, and get more familiar with InDesign. With the provided images, I am really fascinated by some of them. I focus my whole magazine on the Alberto Giacometti’s sculpture design. Since the overall color of these sculptures and photographs are grey, and dark. So my main colors for the overall magazine design are black, white, and dark. I do not want to make it too colorful, which will be destructed. So my headline of the story and also the title of magazine and alter story form are grey. This is also a way to make them come together as the same magazine. Moreover, I am a “less is more” person, I want my design to look simple, clean and artistic which comes along with the sculpture photos. So I don’t use too much text and images to fill up the whole page. There are a lot of negative space on different pages.

During the design, I really had a hard time to figure out how to place the Alter Story Form of the five best album covers. Since the color of those album covers is too colorful for my overall design. It will look like two separate designs if I use the image too big. But it will look unreasonable if I don’t use any images but text to show the best album covers. After some considerations, I decided to use the geometry elements I use for the cover to make them more like the same series. And I do add this geometry lines for the last page as well.

In any case, I think it is an important and unique experience for me to design a magazine. I do learn a lot before and during the design.

My Newspage

Danni Li's newspage
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Through this project, I have a better understanding of newspaper making process and more useful skills within InDesign. This is my first time to design a newspaper front page. Although it looks not very hard when are doing the exercise and looking through those published newspapers. When we started to manage and design our own newspaper, I realized that there are many details we need to pay attention to. When I finished my first version of overall design, I was not very comfortable the position of runner’s photo. And I struggle with alter the shape of text box. Eventually, I figured it out, and find a suitable position for this photo. And after going through the list of what we need to avoid for design. I did some final improvement, and finished my first newspaper front page design.