My news page project

Kelly Obbie's news page
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I have previous experience with InDesign, but this is the most in depth I have gone when designing a news page. I worked at the IDS design desk for a short time, and there I followed templates and experienced students helping me most of the time. Going into this project with a blank page and with no one sitting next to me was intimidating and challenging, but overall I liked the experience. I enjoyed choosing from the different options and customizing the page to fit what I thought best, and I thought it was fun to design a page that will catch readers’ eyes.

I faced challenges when trying to fit everything I wanted onto one page. I drew an outline in class, but I underestimated how much space I would need for the text. When I realized I would need to rearrange some things, it became hard to redo my work because moving one thing led to a domino effect on the rest of the page that required me to redo a lot of parts. I took Professor Layton’s advice and made my headline and main image larger, but I did not make them as large as I think they should have been to emphasize hierarchy because I had a hard time making them big while still finding a way to fit everything I wanted. I had to cut the runner story because I could not find a way to fit the vertical picture on the page with its story while still having the photo face the middle of the page.

I also had a hard time finding a happy medium in diversity. I followed the three-face maximum rule, but I still feel like I could have put more diversity in the page and changed the fonts more. When designing the page I feared that it looked too inconsistent, and this fear made me more reserved when changing fonts.

In short, I am proud of how my news page turned out. As someone with little to no experience designing news pages, I had to put in a lot of work to figure out certain InDesign features and how to follow design rules, and although there are some things I could have done better, I think this is a good start.