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Yimin Feng's magazine design
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Be honestly with my magazine project, there are some obvious weak points that I’m not satisfied with it. I spend too much time on try to using photoshop to add a fluorescence effect on cover title, and it didn’t work eventually. If I would have more time to focus on overall presentation of this project, I may design it better. And i will try to not make same mistakes on next project.

To keep consistency of magazine, I used similar photos,similar typography, similar shape elements and similar color through whole magazine design. Firstly, I chose the underground topic for this magazine project. In order to highlight the speed of subway, I chose the cover photo and opening spread photo with sense of lines and blur effect.

Secondly, London gives me a felling that combines elegance and classic perfectly, so I chose a elegant handwritten typeface to represent London. I used this typeface as all headline’s typeface. Besides headline, I used a typeface with serif that easy to see clearly as typeface of body text.

Thirdly, I decided to use circular elements as connection through three page design. Because most items that appear in my photos contain circular elements, such as clock, album, medal and underground sign. Then I added circular shape around cover title to pretend it as moon shining in London night and also respond the circular clock in bell tower. On following spread, you can see I used the circular elements repeatedly. For example, the circular elements on albums shape, medals shape on ASF page; deck line shape on opening spread; photos and dotted dividing line on second page.

Fourthly, on the selection of colors, the color I used on texts come form cover photo mostly. They are same red and yellow appear repeatedly in headlines or first letter in paragraphs.

My favorite design is the third page design. I think it combines the readability and creative layout. I consider about the white spacing around text, I try left some white spacing above and behind the body text instead to place the text fully in the left column that next to picture. I put the text in the center because the yellow sign is also be placed in the center of picture, I try to connect the position of body text with the position of yellow sign to create a CVI that grab reader’s attention. On the right spread, I arranged pictures in a ladder shape and also flow the body text in ladder shape to avoid a boring way to place text.

However, there are still some weak points in first two pages. Firstly, I think the cover text lack organization which makes it doesn’t look like a magazine cover. Secondly, the top half part of ASF page appears too empty, I think all album photos should move up and maybe add a background color will be better. And the sidebar text flowed weirdly in first three columns, I should arrange it move more normally. Thirdly, my opening spread is not attractive enough, the headline and author name didn’t combine well, I may need alter the headline more thicker which is more obvious in this page.

In sum, it is an interesting design process of this assignment, I learned more methods of how to use Indesign tools, try to place elements with more creativity and learned to follow the design principles through designing. I hope i could do better on next time.


Yimin Feng’s NewsPage

Yimin Feng's Newspage
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Here is my reflection for news page period.
In this design, I choose the five column layout, three stories, three promotions and six images(include the promotions).I focus on the directional force of images on structure. At the first image of Pennsylvania news, the women in the image looks at the right direction, so i put the image on the left side and the text on the right side. At the second image of Crestwood also is my CVI has a girl on swing toward the left, so i put the image on the right side and the text around the image which is a “L” shape. On the third image,I choose the runner image which the runner towards the right side. Then I put the runner image at same place as the first image to make it looks balance on the structure. Since three stories all horizontally, in order not make structure as layer cake, I put two promotions vertically.
And one thing that I add to increase the creativity is the blue element. Since both the Pennsylvania and Crestwood images have the blue color inside, I also make the label and promotions background blue.
I think I didn’t do well on my promotion that above the nameplate, the image is too stretch to see the image clearly. and I didn’t put enough space between deck and headline.