Amber’s Market Poster

Amber’s poster

I decided to do my poster project over the opening day of the Garfield Park Farmers’ market in Indy. I’m currently an intern for a Slowfood Indy, a nonprofit that works toward food equity. I handle their graphics and social media so I thought I was kill 2 birds with one stone with this project. I chose carrots as the central focus since the event is a Farmers’ market. I wanted the carrots to look like they were growing out of the ground and were ready for harvest! I also wanted to go with bright, earthy colors to stress that Spring was here. I colored the information text with the same colors I used to make the carrot’s gradient. I decided to get rid of the black outlines which I think really helped make the graphic look more cartoonish and cute.

Garfield Park farmers’ market is also the only farmers’ market in the country where every vendor is “snailed approved”. Essentially what this means is that SlowFood has given them a “snail of approval” award for aligning with the organization’s mission. So I wanted to highlight this by putting a banner around the carrot to indicate an award. I also placed multiple snails around in the image to make a connection between the produce and its meaning on the banner. I used three snails so that the graphic would still stay balanced. Oh and I added a texture to the ground to try to make it look more like dirt

A Magazine

For my magazine I wanted to portray something edgy. I tried to capture an alternative feel of London.  For the cover I wanted to focus on the man covering his face with his hand and the “Going Underground” title in the middle of his palm. I wanted this to mimic the effect of him throwing the story at you, kind of like an “in your face” story. I also liked the photo because the green tint in the background, the shadowy contrast in light and the subtle pop of  posters on the wall which complimented other design elements I repeated throughout the magazine. I then chose red, tan, white and black to develop a color scheme.

For the second page, I kept it minimal with a block countdown for the albums and limited my colors to green gray and black, following the colors I chose. I then used line work to add an alternative flare to the page. I did this because lines are the key design component in my overall design. The line work matches the story spread and again in the picture used to begin the article. For the story spread, I used a different variety of lines to mimic patterns on a map while the pictures represent stations that the train would stop at. I also thought including different kinds of lines and colors would make it appear more edgy. I gained the idea to use lines as the key element because of the tunnel picture I used for the beginning of the story. I was inspired by the green lines on the sides of the tunnel and the lines across the floor. I also really liked the circle you could see in the photo (which was actually going to be the original design. I wanted to repeat the circle trend in the story spread but couldn’t figure out how to make it all work. That’s why I used the lines to connect everything into a map.) For the title, I found a font that could somewhat repeat the little boxes which made up the green lines on the wall while also matching the floor. I positioned it in a way that would feel as it you’re waking down the tunnel and the light is shining straight down on it. I based the color palette off this picture too because I liked the way the posters and signs/text on the walls came together. For this section, I chose to write the beginning of the story on the wall to imitate the black text sign that is to the its left. I also thought that the text added a balance between both page since the posters on the left side are more eye catching/weighted toward that side. For the side bar element I chose to do posters because posters were present and held visual cues in the beginning spread, plus I just thought the poster looked cool and would fit the edgy, alternative persona of my poster.

Amber's Magazine Design
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COOL Newspage project

Amber Chestnut's Newspage
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Here is my reflection for the Newspage project. I really didn’t think this would be a hard assignment (or an assignment that would take a lot of time to complete) but I was wrong. I spent most of my time working on this assignment trying to figure out how I wanted to set up its layout. Ass I would come up with different designs, I found myself breaking rules constantly so I would have to change them again. I couldn’t get the layout to fit the way I wanted them to. Overtime I finally felt like I found one that would work. I’m not entirely happy with the it but I think it’s pretty okay for my first time. I also wanted to be creative with the images for each story. I really liked how I wrapped the deck around the map image for the gerrymander story. I was kind of worried that I might be breaking another rule but I couldn’t figure out how so I took the risk/chance at it and I’m happy with it. I kind of did the same thing with the Rosie headline but that was mainly because I couldn’t find a way I liked to fit the image into the story and I also couldn’t fill the space for the headline the way I liked so I put the image in the headline. In the end I liked how I did my page. I was also worried that my images (beside the centerpiece) would be to small but I wanted to give each story a visual element. In the end, I think I was able to stick to most of the rules and was able to add a little spin of creativity into it.