Poster Project April 05, 2018

Seunggyoo (Evan) Yang's Poster Project
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It is my last print project in MSCH-J463 class, Graphic Design. I usually used Photoshop mostly  rather than Adobe Illustrator. Since two Applications are different a lot, I had struggles using Illustrator at the first time. As I used in several designs, I have got familiar with Illustrator.

On this project, I should do everything including the topic, brainstorming, and copy of the poster. When Professor Layton introduced this project, I did not have any specific topics, but had lots of thought which could be used for this project. During Spring Break, I drew several concepts of poster, but most posters are not possible to be made because I cannot actualize what I would like to make in Illustrator. When I struggled for choosing topic, I suddenly saw the news of Samsung Galaxy S9 Unpacking. And I suddenly got an idea that making question mark shape by using cell phone, plugged ear bud, and charger at the first time. When I made the shape, I recognized that it would be little awkward because the recent technology is using Bluetooth products rather than wired earbuds. So, I was tried to use Bluetooth products, but it was not effective as much as using wired earbuds. Due to it, I decided to use wired earbuds rather than Bluetooth products. Also, I was using the wired charger for the dot in question mark, but the wired charger is not circle shape and I recognized that there is wireless charger in Samsung Galaxy accessories, which is also round shape. Since it is the size that I would like to use, I decided to use the wireless charger for the dot in question mark.

I have chose the typographic as ITC Avant Grade Gothic and Quantify on this poster because ITC Avant Grade Gothic is the most close fonts of Samsung Galaxy in Samsung Galaxy advertisements. Since the product is based on the real products and brand, I decided to use same fonts with the original products and brand. For the title of the poster, I chose Quantify font because I felt that Quantify font can evoke interests of the products if I say “What’s Next”.

The best thing that I feel confidence is the shape of question mark. By using this shape, the viewers could see the poster to know why the question mark is in there without relevance. Also, people could think the reason of using wired earbud rather than Bluetooth products although the tile saying “Next”, but using “Old” version of products. Since the purpose of the poster is evoking interest and making people stop, the design that I have made is enough to evoke interest and make people stop to think about the purpose of the poster.

The most challenging aspect in this poster is Color. It is because I did not know which color would be more effective in this kind of poster. As I had searched Samsung Galaxy poster to know which colors had been used in the poster, but they Samsung Galaxy poster is basically used Black colors as their background. However, when I saw the poster, I felt that it is too dark and it makes people pass the poster easily at anytime. So, I wanted to use bright colors for the background and decided to use sky blue colors. Also, the color of question mark is based on the colors that has been recently launched as the color of Samsung Galaxy S9, Lilac Purple. Since I would like to use this color as the basic color of Gen X, I applied Lilac Purple color at the question mark shape which represents the product. I was struggling for choosing colors and color arrangement. After I made this poster, I wanted to change the colors in the poster because I feel colors are being separate rather than balancing and harmonizing. So, if I get a chance to change one thing in this poster, I would say color arrangement, which I do not have idea in my current condition.

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