Megan’s Poster Project


Megan O'Sullivan Food Truck Festival Poster
Click this image to see the poster!

This project has probably been my favorite out of all the ones we have done so far. I feel like Illustrator has been a little bit easier for me to get the handle of compared to some of the other programs we have used.

When I first was thinking about the concepts for this project, I wanted to incorporate a logo to create something for a food truck that my uncle is thinking about starting. I quickly realized it was a little too difficult to create a logo with the amount of skills I have. I then decided I would create a poster for a pretend food truck festival that would be happening in a suburb of Chicago, but still incorporate my original idea a little bit. I thought of doing a twilight theme so I could make stars and a moon and string lights. I traced these things off of photos like the guitar image tutorial we did. I was actually really impressed with how the picnic table turned out, but I did take a long time to do that. I think my favorite thing about the poster is the string lights. It looks really unique and adds to the charm I wanted to create. I know the cartoon trucks may look a little cartoon-ee, but I wanted it to seem a little corney and cute. Also, the brown part is supposed to be a curb, not a hill, and I did the best I could to angle the trucks and fit on the page as well. I also really liked the double layering effect that I did on the Twilight Bite. It seems like it almost has a holographic, glowing effect, which went with my moon and stars.

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