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Danni Li's poster design
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Actually, I have several poster design experience for my typography class. But most of them focus on using typeface. This is my first time to combine drawing and typography together. First, I come up with the idea to design the poster for Linkin Park’s tribute concert for Chester Bennington. Since the main character is Chester Bennington, I find his full face photo online and choose a black and white version can give a better feeling of yearning and sadness for people. This is my first time try geometry portrait drawing in Illustrator. Actually, it is easier than I thought it would be. Since I have some background of drawing and painting. It is not a hard thing for me to divide the whole picture into several geometry color lumps. Although this step is time-consuming, it is interesting to draw multiple geometries.

After having those color lumps, I add different colors which apply to the original pictures. Being familiar with Illustrator tools helps me a lot using easy way to do complicated things. After finishing the geometry portrait drawing, I divide them into several small rectangles, which work in concert with geometry color lumps. And also it is a way to metaphor memory of Chester Bennington will be kept forever like photos. I add some broken pieces which flies towards the up right corner. This is a metaphor for Chester Bennington is gone, so some corners of photos and parts of his name are missing.

In order to keep the poster look simple and pass the feeling of yearning, my overall design only uses white, black, and different degrees of grey. I repeat the colors of the drawing on the title(name), and broken pieces to make them come together as one. And I also add some guest singers by overlap them with the drawing to highlight the main purpose of this tribute concert. Overall, I am satisfy with the final version:)

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