Menghua Yang_Poster

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I did the title “milk” in Photoshop. When I first thought of doing milk for my poster, I tried a lot a of ways to provide the texture of milk. I failed at first because it is really hard to show the 3D shadows or highlights of milk. I also tried to draw a milk box but also failed in providing a 3D effect. Then I came out the idea of doing some creative things with the word “milk” and I succeed this time.¬† My poster is all about¬† a product “Meiji milk chocolate” which is pretty good and one of my favorite chocolates. I want to show this chocolate was made of real milk so I came up with the idea “grab milk”. The brown hand behind the word “milk” represents chocolate. I choose a chocolate brown for the color. And for the background color, I choose a blue that is the same as the packaging color of “Meiji milk”. I kept the red color of “Meiji” logo. The most challenging thing in this poster is to provide a 3D effect to the word “milk”. I edited it in photoshop with providing some dots and lines of split milk. I used the word milk really big to emphasis the them of this poster.

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