Laura Morley’s Junkanoo Poster

Laura Morley's Junkanoo Poster
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I was very excited to do this poster project ever since I started the class because I knew I could bring my Bahamian roots into the class. Junkanoo is a Bahamian festival that was developed during the days of slavery in Nassau, Bahamas. This singing, dancing and music festival takes place on Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve that usually starts at 10pm and continues on into the morning of the next day. It truly is a spectacular event that I recommend everyone try to go see live, the tradition overwhelms the Bahamian population. Although this picture does not do the parade justice, the costume that I decided to design is of older design when basic colors and shapes were used. Now a days the costumes consist of massive heads pieces that can weigh up to 100 pounds and each parade contains a minimum of 80 people.┬áThis poster stems from my first encounter with Junkanoo when I was only eight years of age. I got to perform in the parade because I had participated in a summer camp where we got to make our own outfits. My experience of being in Junkanoo is something I will never forget and makes you truly feel apart of your country.

Overall, I truly enjoyed creating this poster, although I did struggle with InDesign quit a bit. I had never used the pen tool before this class and it was the primary tool that I use on this project. I made all my geometric shapes that make up the Junkanoo costume using the pen tool. I wish that I had more knowledge on how to make a metallic looking color in Indesign because a lot of traditional Junkanoo pieces have glitter in them. Although I am happy with how my Junkanoo man turned out, I could have added a lot more little details. I am truly happy how his arm and leg sleeves turned out because that design effect is still used in today’s costumes to make the pieces appear to have more movement when the groups are walking down Bay Street.

I also wanted to make the man have more of a 3-dimensional effect but did not know how to make that appearance on a human body. I did try to make him 3D but it did not turn out the way I had hoped. However, I think he looks just fine the way I drew him.

I also originally had three Junkanoo men on my poster, one with the goat skin drum (who is still present) and two men with cow bells. However, with all three of them on the page it looked crowded and it did not have the same effect as just having one large Junkanoo man on the page.

The typography on this poster gave me a lot of trouble because I couldn’t find a font the encompassed the passion and theme that comes along with parade. However, I am really happy with how the music notes and header of the page work together. Overall, I am really happy with my design and obviously with some more skills I can advance my design into something even more enjoyable.


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