Black Panther Poster

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I was enjoying the progress of designing the poster. During the designing process, I learned how some illustrator tools works, and the amazing effect it brings.  This poster is designing for the Marvel movie “Black Panther”. First of all, let’s get some basic facts about the movie Black Panther. In the movie Black Panther, there is a mysterious country called Wakanda which owns advanced technology but people still  live in the primitive tribe culture. And the main character of Black Panther is T’Challa, the king of Wakanda belongs to the Black Panther tribe.

The core designing elements that I want to talk about  are color and arrangement in poster.  To prevent only use black color for title “black” is too boring, I did a cool text split effect on the title, since there are lots of modern and avant-garde buildings in the movie. And then I decided to use purple on the graphic panther and text, because purple is a represent color for black panther tribe in movie. To make the graphic panther looks like the animal panther more, I put p and a on the top of graphic panther as ears. And I used a light purple color on character p and date, because character p and date are more closer to the white lighting on the top, and I also want give people a clue on from where to start reading the word panther. To responding the color of title, I used the same color on the eye of panther. For the color choice of subtitle, I use gradient tool mix the color gold and purple together, since there are representatives of royalty and mystery. The font I used are also comes from the movie black panther, and i add texture on the word panther try to build a mysterious atmosphere.

Though I tried my best to add the elements from movie in the poster, it may still be a challenge to get  connection between the movie and poster for people. And I don’t know if the poster is surprise and interesting enough  to get people’s attention.

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