Amber’s Market Poster

Amber’s poster

I decided to do my poster project over the opening day of the Garfield Park Farmers’ market in Indy. I’m currently an intern for a Slowfood Indy, a nonprofit that works toward food equity. I handle their graphics and social media so I thought I was kill 2 birds with one stone with this project. I chose carrots as the central focus since the event is a Farmers’ market. I wanted the carrots to look like they were growing out of the ground and were ready for harvest! I also wanted to go with bright, earthy colors to stress that Spring was here. I colored the information text with the same colors I used to make the carrot’s gradient. I decided to get rid of the black outlines which I think really helped make the graphic look more cartoonish and cute.

Garfield Park farmers’ market is also the only farmers’ market in the country where every vendor is “snailed approved”. Essentially what this means is that SlowFood has given them a “snail of approval” award for aligning with the organization’s mission. So I wanted to highlight this by putting a banner around the carrot to indicate an award. I also placed multiple snails around in the image to make a connection between the produce and its meaning on the banner. I used three snails so that the graphic would still stay balanced. Oh and I added a texture to the ground to try to make it look more like dirt

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