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Creating this poster was difficult for me to start because there weren’t many guidelines as to what to do. I found that it’s easiest for me to create posters when I have a purpose, so I sought one out. Outside of school you can often find me at my job where I create and execute social justice, diversity, and inclusion programs throughout the residence halls at IU. I figured that I would create a poster for a potential program later in April that addresses sustainable dyeing for fashion and the social justice implications of such.
The poster went through many revisions – one of which depicted a woman’s dress bleeding into a lake that wove through a town to symbolize the pollution that is often discharged from industrial sights. I ultimately ended up keeping the polluted river idea and chose to also address the topic of worker rights. The blue-indigo colors are meant to represent the use of indigo which is a plant that is most commonly used for dyeing jean products and more often than not, stains the hands of those who directly use it (hence the blue hands).
While this project is very heavy in content, I believe that it provides a succinct view about what people can expect to be discusses at the program. I am happy with my end product and my ability to use newly learned skills in Adobe Illustrator to create it.

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