Magazine Design!!!

Click here to see Chris’ magazine design!

This project took a lot of time to complete, but overall I am very pleased with the end result. Compared to creating a newspage, I feel like this assignment allowed me to have more of an opportunity to create a layout that showcased more of my creative side. When designing pages, I normally don’t like anything too flashy or aggressive so I picked images for the inside of the spread that had minimal color which allowed me to created more of a modern layout.

My favorite page of the spread is definitely the full story page. When I first started designing this page, I knew I wanted it to have minimal color because it best resembled Alberto Giacometti’s work with plaster.

The most challenging page to design was the ASF. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to place all five album covers. Originally I had them all spread out into two columns but doing that made it hard for me to place the rest of the text. I feel like the single column across the page was the best choice I could’ve made for the page.

Overall, I feel like this assignment taught me a lot about magazine design and definitely heightened my interested in the graphic design side of the magazine industry.

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