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Megan O'Sullivan Magazine Design
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For my magazine design, I was really inspired to use the colors from the various lines used in the London Underground train lines as part of my main theme. Being from Chicago, I am familiar with the “L” and the different lines you can take to get around the city, and I made that connection and used that as inspiration. I really wanted to make the cover different from the typical landmarks in London, and the lanterns that are hanging in the picture also go with the themes of the line colors that I used throughout my design. I thought that the car on the cover really was charming London character and subtly gave the magazine cover the flare it needed making it the special London edition. The first part of my spread, I had an idea to make the subway tiles that you typically see in the London Underground and put the old vintage posters on top of them, to almost give them a feel that they were on display at a museum and that they helped pave the iconic image that the Underground has today. My main spread reminded me of when I used to design yearbook pages in high school. I do like having some white space, but I wanted to use various images to almost paint a picture as well.

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