Megan’s Poster Project


Megan O'Sullivan Food Truck Festival Poster
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This project has probably been my favorite out of all the ones we have done so far. I feel like Illustrator has been a little bit easier for me to get the handle of compared to some of the other programs we have used.

When I first was thinking about the concepts for this project, I wanted to incorporate a logo to create something for a food truck that my uncle is thinking about starting. I quickly realized it was a little too difficult to create a logo with the amount of skills I have. I then decided I would create a poster for a pretend food truck festival that would be happening in a suburb of Chicago, but still incorporate my original idea a little bit. I thought of doing a twilight theme so I could make stars and a moon and string lights. I traced these things off of photos like the guitar image tutorial we did. I was actually really impressed with how the picnic table turned out, but I did take a long time to do that. I think my favorite thing about the poster is the string lights. It looks really unique and adds to the charm I wanted to create. I know the cartoon trucks may look a little cartoon-ee, but I wanted it to seem a little corney and cute. Also, the brown part is supposed to be a curb, not a hill, and I did the best I could to angle the trucks and fit on the page as well. I also really liked the double layering effect that I did on the Twilight Bite. It seems like it almost has a holographic, glowing effect, which went with my moon and stars.

Poster Project April 05, 2018

Seunggyoo (Evan) Yang's Poster Project
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It is my last print project in MSCH-J463 class, Graphic Design. I usually used Photoshop mostly  rather than Adobe Illustrator. Since two Applications are different a lot, I had struggles using Illustrator at the first time. As I used in several designs, I have got familiar with Illustrator.

On this project, I should do everything including the topic, brainstorming, and copy of the poster. When Professor Layton introduced this project, I did not have any specific topics, but had lots of thought which could be used for this project. During Spring Break, I drew several concepts of poster, but most posters are not possible to be made because I cannot actualize what I would like to make in Illustrator. When I struggled for choosing topic, I suddenly saw the news of Samsung Galaxy S9 Unpacking. And I suddenly got an idea that making question mark shape by using cell phone, plugged ear bud, and charger at the first time. When I made the shape, I recognized that it would be little awkward because the recent technology is using Bluetooth products rather than wired earbuds. So, I was tried to use Bluetooth products, but it was not effective as much as using wired earbuds. Due to it, I decided to use wired earbuds rather than Bluetooth products. Also, I was using the wired charger for the dot in question mark, but the wired charger is not circle shape and I recognized that there is wireless charger in Samsung Galaxy accessories, which is also round shape. Since it is the size that I would like to use, I decided to use the wireless charger for the dot in question mark.

I have chose the typographic as ITC Avant Grade Gothic and Quantify on this poster because ITC Avant Grade Gothic is the most close fonts of Samsung Galaxy in Samsung Galaxy advertisements. Since the product is based on the real products and brand, I decided to use same fonts with the original products and brand. For the title of the poster, I chose Quantify font because I felt that Quantify font can evoke interests of the products if I say “What’s Next”.

The best thing that I feel confidence is the shape of question mark. By using this shape, the viewers could see the poster to know why the question mark is in there without relevance. Also, people could think the reason of using wired earbud rather than Bluetooth products although the tile saying “Next”, but using “Old” version of products. Since the purpose of the poster is evoking interest and making people stop, the design that I have made is enough to evoke interest and make people stop to think about the purpose of the poster.

The most challenging aspect in this poster is Color. It is because I did not know which color would be more effective in this kind of poster. As I had searched Samsung Galaxy poster to know which colors had been used in the poster, but they Samsung Galaxy poster is basically used Black colors as their background. However, when I saw the poster, I felt that it is too dark and it makes people pass the poster easily at anytime. So, I wanted to use bright colors for the background and decided to use sky blue colors. Also, the color of question mark is based on the colors that has been recently launched as the color of Samsung Galaxy S9, Lilac Purple. Since I would like to use this color as the basic color of Gen X, I applied Lilac Purple color at the question mark shape which represents the product. I was struggling for choosing colors and color arrangement. After I made this poster, I wanted to change the colors in the poster because I feel colors are being separate rather than balancing and harmonizing. So, if I get a chance to change one thing in this poster, I would say color arrangement, which I do not have idea in my current condition.

It’s not destroying… It’s making something new.

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When I decided to do a poster on the movie Annihilation, I knew it would be quite challenging. The movie itself is fascinating and remarkable. The overall concept of this movie is related to mutation. There are lots of weird-shaped flowers, strange animals like the deer in my poster, and mutating human beings.

The first object I drew is this mutant deer. There is a scene in the movie in which a mutating deer with flowers on its horn is duplicated. So I found a picture of the deer and traced its outline. In order to create an effect of duplication, I added the drop shadow so two deer may have some contrast that allows the viewers to distinguish them.

The second object I drew is the lady with flora on her head. This idea is inspired by a scene in which the character played by Tessa Thompson has grass growing in her body. It’s hard to explain the scene but the concept is that the lady is transforming to human-shape plants. So, again, I looked up a photo unrelated to the movie but has similar concept, and traced its outline.

And for the background, I tried to recreate the “Shimmer” which is a huge “bubble” covering a forest. The “shimmer” functions, according to the movie, as a mirror but it refracts not only lights but also DNA. The original “Shimmer” has a relatively cold color tone. But as for me, my skillset is far from creating the effect of a bubble. So, I just created a large ellipse and gave it a gradient mixed with those colors from the original “Shimmer”. I also added an effect call ocean ripple to it, trying to show those mutating and duplicating cells.

In the movie, lots of the scene take place in a forest which is also mutant. So, I drew a very dark forest with some weird-shaped branches flying out.

Color is a very difficult element in this whole poster. Because there are too many elements in the poster, I decided to focus on the lady which is supposed to be the CVI. I tried different ways to color it such as giving it gradient, painting it, or making it purely white but none of these worked out. Somehow, I made it transparent(exclusion) and it generated this mainly pink color. It was surprisingly good. The yellow was just around the lady’s brain which was correspondent with the text “FEAR WHAT’S INSIDE”. And the “cells” from the effect of the ocean ripple are also shown in the lady’s brain area. Her hand has different layers of color which is again accidentally indicating the process of transformation.

For the text, I think my choice of typography is a very serious mistake. I focused too much on those drawings that I ignored the typography. For the title “Annihilation”, I tried to create an effect of annihilation. It looks not so bad but I’m kind of worried about the readability. I once thought I could fill in those gaps with illustration of leaves and branches but I didn’t think I could color those leaves well, so I gave up this plan.

And lastly, I left a so-called “Easter Egg” or “spoilers” using a symbolic typography. It’s just a meaningless decision of mine because I just watched Ready Player One recently.

Overall, the drawing is very interesting. I really enjoy the process. And the most difficult part of this whole assignment is color. I struggled a lot. And also, because of the different displays of color in AI and in PDF, I’m really confused and hesitant to make decisions. But again, I really enjoy doing this assignment.

Amber’s Market Poster

Amber’s poster

I decided to do my poster project over the opening day of the Garfield Park Farmers’ market in Indy. I’m currently an intern for a Slowfood Indy, a nonprofit that works toward food equity. I handle their graphics and social media so I thought I was kill 2 birds with one stone with this project. I chose carrots as the central focus since the event is a Farmers’ market. I wanted the carrots to look like they were growing out of the ground and were ready for harvest! I also wanted to go with bright, earthy colors to stress that Spring was here. I colored the information text with the same colors I used to make the carrot’s gradient. I decided to get rid of the black outlines which I think really helped make the graphic look more cartoonish and cute.

Garfield Park farmers’ market is also the only farmers’ market in the country where every vendor is “snailed approved”. Essentially what this means is that SlowFood has given them a “snail of approval” award for aligning with the organization’s mission. So I wanted to highlight this by putting a banner around the carrot to indicate an award. I also placed multiple snails around in the image to make a connection between the produce and its meaning on the banner. I used three snails so that the graphic would still stay balanced. Oh and I added a texture to the ground to try to make it look more like dirt

Black Panther Poster

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I was enjoying the progress of designing the poster. During the designing process, I learned how some illustrator tools works, and the amazing effect it brings.  This poster is designing for the Marvel movie “Black Panther”. First of all, let’s get some basic facts about the movie Black Panther. In the movie Black Panther, there is a mysterious country called Wakanda which owns advanced technology but people still  live in the primitive tribe culture. And the main character of Black Panther is T’Challa, the king of Wakanda belongs to the Black Panther tribe.

The core designing elements that I want to talk about  are color and arrangement in poster.  To prevent only use black color for title “black” is too boring, I did a cool text split effect on the title, since there are lots of modern and avant-garde buildings in the movie. And then I decided to use purple on the graphic panther and text, because purple is a represent color for black panther tribe in movie. To make the graphic panther looks like the animal panther more, I put p and a on the top of graphic panther as ears. And I used a light purple color on character p and date, because character p and date are more closer to the white lighting on the top, and I also want give people a clue on from where to start reading the word panther. To responding the color of title, I used the same color on the eye of panther. For the color choice of subtitle, I use gradient tool mix the color gold and purple together, since there are representatives of royalty and mystery. The font I used are also comes from the movie black panther, and i add texture on the word panther try to build a mysterious atmosphere.

Though I tried my best to add the elements from movie in the poster, it may still be a challenge to get  connection between the movie and poster for people. And I don’t know if the poster is surprise and interesting enough  to get people’s attention.

Menghua Yang_Poster

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I did the title “milk” in Photoshop. When I first thought of doing milk for my poster, I tried a lot a of ways to provide the texture of milk. I failed at first because it is really hard to show the 3D shadows or highlights of milk. I also tried to draw a milk box but also failed in providing a 3D effect. Then I came out the idea of doing some creative things with the word “milk” and I succeed this time.  My poster is all about  a product “Meiji milk chocolate” which is pretty good and one of my favorite chocolates. I want to show this chocolate was made of real milk so I came up with the idea “grab milk”. The brown hand behind the word “milk” represents chocolate. I choose a chocolate brown for the color. And for the background color, I choose a blue that is the same as the packaging color of “Meiji milk”. I kept the red color of “Meiji” logo. The most challenging thing in this poster is to provide a 3D effect to the word “milk”. I edited it in photoshop with providing some dots and lines of split milk. I used the word milk really big to emphasis the them of this poster.

Laura Morley’s Junkanoo Poster

Laura Morley's Junkanoo Poster
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I was very excited to do this poster project ever since I started the class because I knew I could bring my Bahamian roots into the class. Junkanoo is a Bahamian festival that was developed during the days of slavery in Nassau, Bahamas. This singing, dancing and music festival takes place on Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve that usually starts at 10pm and continues on into the morning of the next day. It truly is a spectacular event that I recommend everyone try to go see live, the tradition overwhelms the Bahamian population. Although this picture does not do the parade justice, the costume that I decided to design is of older design when basic colors and shapes were used. Now a days the costumes consist of massive heads pieces that can weigh up to 100 pounds and each parade contains a minimum of 80 people. This poster stems from my first encounter with Junkanoo when I was only eight years of age. I got to perform in the parade because I had participated in a summer camp where we got to make our own outfits. My experience of being in Junkanoo is something I will never forget and makes you truly feel apart of your country.

Overall, I truly enjoyed creating this poster, although I did struggle with InDesign quit a bit. I had never used the pen tool before this class and it was the primary tool that I use on this project. I made all my geometric shapes that make up the Junkanoo costume using the pen tool. I wish that I had more knowledge on how to make a metallic looking color in Indesign because a lot of traditional Junkanoo pieces have glitter in them. Although I am happy with how my Junkanoo man turned out, I could have added a lot more little details. I am truly happy how his arm and leg sleeves turned out because that design effect is still used in today’s costumes to make the pieces appear to have more movement when the groups are walking down Bay Street.

I also wanted to make the man have more of a 3-dimensional effect but did not know how to make that appearance on a human body. I did try to make him 3D but it did not turn out the way I had hoped. However, I think he looks just fine the way I drew him.

I also originally had three Junkanoo men on my poster, one with the goat skin drum (who is still present) and two men with cow bells. However, with all three of them on the page it looked crowded and it did not have the same effect as just having one large Junkanoo man on the page.

The typography on this poster gave me a lot of trouble because I couldn’t find a font the encompassed the passion and theme that comes along with parade. However, I am really happy with how the music notes and header of the page work together. Overall, I am really happy with my design and obviously with some more skills I can advance my design into something even more enjoyable.


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Creating this poster was difficult for me to start because there weren’t many guidelines as to what to do. I found that it’s easiest for me to create posters when I have a purpose, so I sought one out. Outside of school you can often find me at my job where I create and execute social justice, diversity, and inclusion programs throughout the residence halls at IU. I figured that I would create a poster for a potential program later in April that addresses sustainable dyeing for fashion and the social justice implications of such.
The poster went through many revisions – one of which depicted a woman’s dress bleeding into a lake that wove through a town to symbolize the pollution that is often discharged from industrial sights. I ultimately ended up keeping the polluted river idea and chose to also address the topic of worker rights. The blue-indigo colors are meant to represent the use of indigo which is a plant that is most commonly used for dyeing jean products and more often than not, stains the hands of those who directly use it (hence the blue hands).
While this project is very heavy in content, I believe that it provides a succinct view about what people can expect to be discusses at the program. I am happy with my end product and my ability to use newly learned skills in Adobe Illustrator to create it.

Poster Design

Danni Li's poster design
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Actually, I have several poster design experience for my typography class. But most of them focus on using typeface. This is my first time to combine drawing and typography together. First, I come up with the idea to design the poster for Linkin Park’s tribute concert for Chester Bennington. Since the main character is Chester Bennington, I find his full face photo online and choose a black and white version can give a better feeling of yearning and sadness for people. This is my first time try geometry portrait drawing in Illustrator. Actually, it is easier than I thought it would be. Since I have some background of drawing and painting. It is not a hard thing for me to divide the whole picture into several geometry color lumps. Although this step is time-consuming, it is interesting to draw multiple geometries.

After having those color lumps, I add different colors which apply to the original pictures. Being familiar with Illustrator tools helps me a lot using easy way to do complicated things. After finishing the geometry portrait drawing, I divide them into several small rectangles, which work in concert with geometry color lumps. And also it is a way to metaphor memory of Chester Bennington will be kept forever like photos. I add some broken pieces which flies towards the up right corner. This is a metaphor for Chester Bennington is gone, so some corners of photos and parts of his name are missing.

In order to keep the poster look simple and pass the feeling of yearning, my overall design only uses white, black, and different degrees of grey. I repeat the colors of the drawing on the title(name), and broken pieces to make them come together as one. And I also add some guest singers by overlap them with the drawing to highlight the main purpose of this tribute concert. Overall, I am satisfy with the final version:)