Magazine Design!!!

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This project took a lot of time to complete, but overall I am very pleased with the end result. Compared to creating a newspage, I feel like this assignment allowed me to have more of an opportunity to create a layout that showcased more of my creative side. When designing pages, I normally don’t like anything too flashy or aggressive so I picked images for the inside of the spread that had minimal color which allowed me to created more of a modern layout.

My favorite page of the spread is definitely the full story page. When I first started designing this page, I knew I wanted it to have minimal color because it best resembled Alberto Giacometti’s work with plaster.

The most challenging page to design was the ASF. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to place all five album covers. Originally I had them all spread out into two columns but doing that made it hard for me to place the rest of the text. I feel like the single column across the page was the best choice I could’ve made for the page.

Overall, I feel like this assignment taught me a lot about magazine design and definitely heightened my interested in the graphic design side of the magazine industry.

Magazine Design Project

Seunggyoo (Evan) Yang's Magazine Design
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I designed the magazine cover, Alternative Story Form, Main story of the magazine, and a box form of the second story of the magazine on this project. I used the main picture as the London eye because the main topic of the magazine is London. I was trying to use the building of big ben, but it was too dark, or the building was not the central of the image. So, I chose the image of the image of London eye during the sunset. Also, I used three colors of England flag, which are Red, Blue, and White, to make a connection between the main topic of the magazine and the magazine. Also, I made a similar shape of the London eye by aligning the stories of the magazine right to make a consistency of the cover image and the stories of the magazine.

For Alternative Story Form, I used The 5 best album covers with aligning the image and the text as switching right and left. It was because aligning one side would make too boring in my sense, so I switched the position of the image and the information of the albums. As making the rank numbers of the album match the main colors of album, I wanted to achieve the color consistency of the page. Also, on the opening spread image, I use the image of Underground plate on the London street because it would be easy to let people know easily what the story will be. For the sidebar design, I made a blue box, red headline, and white fonts to achieve consistency of the cover image colors. Also, by putting yellow box under the images, I tried to apply triads color strategy.

During designing the magazine, the best element that I did on this design is image selection. I searched images of the cover and the opening spread several times because the given image of cover image was too dark or not appropriate to my design. Also, the given image of opening spread was impossible to use on the magazine because the photo was too centralized, and it would be divided on the magazine in my design. So, I searched the Underground plate on the side to achieve the balance of the copy and image.

On the other hand, the most challenge element in the design is color. I was trying to make a consistency of England color, but I thought using only three colors made the magazine boring and too much colors would make the magazine messy. So, I tried to use three main colors and two other colors additionally, black and yellow, to make the design still consistency, but not so messy or boring. But, I feel my color selection was not so good and there is other better way to make the design more attractive. So, I choose the color selection as the most challenge element in this magazine design.

Kim’s Magazine Design

Kim Cagle's magazine design
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This project underwent a lot of revisions, but in the end I was very happy with the results! I love using  color to evoke emotions. There is a lot of yellow/gold in the design in hopes of creating an inquisitive and adventurous feeling. My creative process is very go-with-the-flow in that I did not sketch a lot before making the InDesign file. This will definitely change for the next poster assignment since all the materials will be of my own.

My biggest challenge was the cover page – more specifically, how to make the text legible against an intricate background. I was able to solve this issue with a thicker text (Benton Sans). Also, the alternative story form was originally red instead of blue. In retrospect, I think I should’ve kept the red to keep that bold and engaging look.

When I was designing the “Going Underground” story, I knew I wanted to mimic the Underground’s round circle in the text hence the Bauhaus93 font. I also knew I wanted viewer to be able to compare the original underground sketch to the modern day version. The two maps on the final page were initially smaller, but after creating more space with the text arrangement I was able to increase the image sizes to be more digestible.

Overall, creating this magazine layout was really fun for me! I could see myself doing this full time.



Magazine Design

Danni Li's Magazine Design
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This is my second time to do a magazine design. The last one is for 226 class. This time, I think I feel more comfortable, and get more familiar with InDesign. With the provided images, I am really fascinated by some of them. I focus my whole magazine on the Alberto Giacometti’s sculpture design. Since the overall color of these sculptures and photographs are grey, and dark. So my main colors for the overall magazine design are black, white, and dark. I do not want to make it too colorful, which will be destructed. So my headline of the story and also the title of magazine and alter story form are grey. This is also a way to make them come together as the same magazine. Moreover, I am a “less is more” person, I want my design to look simple, clean and artistic which comes along with the sculpture photos. So I don’t use too much text and images to fill up the whole page. There are a lot of negative space on different pages.

During the design, I really had a hard time to figure out how to place the Alter Story Form of the five best album covers. Since the color of those album covers is too colorful for my overall design. It will look like two separate designs if I use the image too big. But it will look unreasonable if I don’t use any images but text to show the best album covers. After some considerations, I decided to use the geometry elements I use for the cover to make them more like the same series. And I do add this geometry lines for the last page as well.

In any case, I think it is an important and unique experience for me to design a magazine. I do learn a lot before and during the design.

463 magazine

Yimin Feng's magazine design
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Be honestly with my magazine project, there are some obvious weak points that I’m not satisfied with it. I spend too much time on try to using photoshop to add a fluorescence effect on cover title, and it didn’t work eventually. If I would have more time to focus on overall presentation of this project, I may design it better. And i will try to not make same mistakes on next project.

To keep consistency of magazine, I used similar photos,similar typography, similar shape elements and similar color through whole magazine design. Firstly, I chose the underground topic for this magazine project. In order to highlight the speed of subway, I chose the cover photo and opening spread photo with sense of lines and blur effect.

Secondly, London gives me a felling that combines elegance and classic perfectly, so I chose a elegant handwritten typeface to represent London. I used this typeface as all headline’s typeface. Besides headline, I used a typeface with serif that easy to see clearly as typeface of body text.

Thirdly, I decided to use circular elements as connection through three page design. Because most items that appear in my photos contain circular elements, such as clock, album, medal and underground sign. Then I added circular shape around cover title to pretend it as moon shining in London night and also respond the circular clock in bell tower. On following spread, you can see I used the circular elements repeatedly. For example, the circular elements on albums shape, medals shape on ASF page; deck line shape on opening spread; photos and dotted dividing line on second page.

Fourthly, on the selection of colors, the color I used on texts come form cover photo mostly. They are same red and yellow appear repeatedly in headlines or first letter in paragraphs.

My favorite design is the third page design. I think it combines the readability and creative layout. I consider about the white spacing around text, I try left some white spacing above and behind the body text instead to place the text fully in the left column that next to picture. I put the text in the center because the yellow sign is also be placed in the center of picture, I try to connect the position of body text with the position of yellow sign to create a CVI that grab reader’s attention. On the right spread, I arranged pictures in a ladder shape and also flow the body text in ladder shape to avoid a boring way to place text.

However, there are still some weak points in first two pages. Firstly, I think the cover text lack organization which makes it doesn’t look like a magazine cover. Secondly, the top half part of ASF page appears too empty, I think all album photos should move up and maybe add a background color will be better. And the sidebar text flowed weirdly in first three columns, I should arrange it move more normally. Thirdly, my opening spread is not attractive enough, the headline and author name didn’t combine well, I may need alter the headline more thicker which is more obvious in this page.

In sum, it is an interesting design process of this assignment, I learned more methods of how to use Indesign tools, try to place elements with more creativity and learned to follow the design principles through designing. I hope i could do better on next time.


Megan’s Magazine Design

Megan O'Sullivan Magazine Design
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For my magazine design, I was really inspired to use the colors from the various lines used in the London Underground train lines as part of my main theme. Being from Chicago, I am familiar with the “L” and the different lines you can take to get around the city, and I made that connection and used that as inspiration. I really wanted to make the cover different from the typical landmarks in London, and the lanterns that are hanging in the picture also go with the themes of the line colors that I used throughout my design. I thought that the car on the cover really was charming London character and subtly gave the magazine cover the flare it needed making it the special London edition. The first part of my spread, I had an idea to make the subway tiles that you typically see in the London Underground and put the old vintage posters on top of them, to almost give them a feel that they were on display at a museum and that they helped pave the iconic image that the Underground has today. My main spread reminded me of when I used to design yearbook pages in high school. I do like having some white space, but I wanted to use various images to almost paint a picture as well.

Menghua Yang_Magazine

This is the cover of my magazine. Click to see my full design.

Making a magazine seems more difficult for me than newspaper because it needs both creativity and unity through the design.

I started my thinking from the cover page. looking through all the photos given, I tried to find a special angle that may help my design looks different with others. Therefore I chose the one which looks like it was token at night. I do like the yellow color of the photo that makes the tone vintage. So, for the font, I chose a old-fashioned one and make it short and wide and I also placed a little bit shadow under it. As for the text color, I also used a color of white but not pure white. I add 5% of black to the white color that made it a little vintage look too. In the color part, I chose three basic color for my whole design — white, black and red. The red color that I have chosen seems vintage too. I  chose red to represent “London” because I think the city is classic but still in passion. That is the charm of the city. All the “London” that I used in my design is in red. That shows the unity of my whole design.

For the ASF page I really tried hard to think of a way that let my design outstanding and unique. So I tried the way of making some words large enough for me to put pictures or text into it. But that made my whole design a little bit hard to read. Then I bold all the headlines to show the sequence of reading. I used an angle of the picture on my cover as the background of my ASF page because I want two page in a fluent color base.

For the opening spread, I used Photoshop to distort the text and make my headline seems extending with the tunnel in the picture. And I used the same typeface with the headline for the word “London”.

My last creative point is for the side bar. Because I really have no idea of how to make an interesting sidebar, I made the words wrapping around the handle of the mug. The picture I chose for the last spread is also mainly in red. That also show part of the unity of the whole design. I made my first letter of the first paragraph red and also one word in the page number on bottom of each page is red too.

Laura Morley’s Magazine Design

Laura Morley's Magazine Design
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Overall, I truly enjoyed this project because we had a lot of free range in the creativity department. Compared to the newspaper project, this was more satisfying because it was truly our content and work. This project also opened my eyes to maybe getting into the magazine designing industry and maybe looking into working for a magazine company in the future. Although the newspaper project was interesting, there were a lot of restrictions with creativity, which this project allowed. For example, we had three whole spreads to design with color, text and design decisions to make. In addition, last semester in C226 the magazine design was my least favorite project because I felt that I had no skills to design the spreads. However, in J463 by learning many tricks and tools in InDesign, this project was made a lot more enjoyable because I knew what I was doing and had those tools to accomplish my creative desires. This assignment also taught me how to truly understand internal spacing and how effective white space truly is to a design. Color was also very important in this project because too many colors was confusing for this viewer, but too little made the page look boring.

In selecting my cover photo, I had a really hard time because I wanted a photo that was eye catching and colorful. Reflecting back on it now, I am not happy with the photo I selected because it has a lot of color and somewhat like a cartoon. Although the photo is beautiful, I could have selected a photo that had more regular colors in it. After learning the about the Quick Selection tool in Photoshop, I knew that I wanted to have part of my cover photo overlapping the title of the magazine. This ultimately lead me to the selection of the open photo I did choose because it allowed me to add the promos on the right of the photo. Overall, I am happy with the overall appearance on my cover, but I wish I either selected another picture or turned it into a black and white photo so that I could add the colors of the underground logo to the cover page.

The opening spread of my design is my favorite because I love the simplicity of it. With the black and white coloring of the photo, it allowed me to be a little more creative. When I selected the Underground story, I immediately knew that I wanted to add lines like the map of the railroad, and make it consistent throughout my design. One thing that I did struggle with on my opening spread was the title. Because I wanted to have my title be white, this created a little trouble with contrasting it from the photo in the background. I originally only had a drop shadow on the title but it wasn’t enough to make the title pop off the page like I wanted it too. Finally, I add a very small outline around my text in black that I know wasn’t great for designing, but it added the contrast that was necessary for my design. For my main spread, I knew that I wanted to display some off the posters for my sidebar, which was the first thing in my main spread. Selecting the photographs in the right hand page was hard for me because I didn’t want it to be repetitive, but I wanted to give a wide array of photographs to show the view what the underground railroad looked like.

I truly enjoyed this assignment and enjoyed the free range of creativity that it allowed. I could see myself doing this full time.


Magazine Design

Anna Atsingers magazine design
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First I would like to begin by saying this: magazine creation is not my forte, which is something I discovered throughout this wonderful process.

My personal goals for this project were 1. to create a design I was happy with, and 2. complete all of the requirements for the project. I would say I met both goals, the second goal a little more than the first. Number one was the most important to me, because I usually focus so hard on goal number two that
I forget to have fun with projects and they end up looking boring. While I like my design, I do wish there was something different. I am not sure what that something is, but I did try to the best of my ability and just because it isn’t the best magazine design ever made doesn’t mean its not good (at least to me).

Let’s move on to my design choices. I thought about who I wanted my audience to be for a long time, and after switching back and forth from a college age audience to an older audience, I decided to go with the older audience. In my mind, I was designing this for people over 30 who are established and love traveling for more than going to a beach in Florida. The people reading my magazine like simple, easy to read designs, with nothing too outrageous. I chose the picture of Big Ben for my cover photo because I loved how it was simply but still beautiful, as well as all of the space around Big Ben to add text. Going back to my audience, I needed to choose a typeface that was modern looking and easy to read. As for the “The London Issue,” I wanted this to stand out so I changed the font to something still simple, but just different. I also changed the color to a gold color (which I took from Big Ben), in order to once again make it stand out as well as match the story it goes with. I chose to do this with the numbers for the other stories on the cover as well because when I left them black, it just looked boring. By changing the numbers to match “The London Issue,” I was also continuing that reoccurring design. For everything on the cover that is gold, I chose to do an outer glow on them because it was slightly difficult to distinguish them otherwise. By adding the outer glow I made the characters easier to see, and I also believe it looks nice this way.

I wanted to do something that would carry on throughout the design, so I looked at all of the pictures and was SO happy to find the little lines that are the routes on the map of the underground. I thought, “these are perfect!” but I guess I wasn’t the first with this idea, as when an example was pulled up in class someone had done the same thing. I decided to keep it in my design though because I genuinely liked it.

Alright here we go…the alternate story form. My least favorite part of this entire project, mostly because it was the most difficult. I do not hate my design for this, I just wish I was more creative. After coming into the classroom the day this project was due and seeing everyone’s ideas for this, I had so many great ideas pop into my head, but of course 5 minutes till it’s due isn’t the best time to completely rework a page. I ended up doing a simple design to appeal to my audience again, having the albums neatly presented on one side with a short blurb on the right side. I chose to add the red square to give the page a little more pizzazz, and got the color from the flowers in the cover of The Beatles number one album cover. I understand this doesn’t match the color scheme I set for the underground story, but I thought about it and this has nothing to do with that story, so I deemed it okay. I also added the little circles that you see throughout the magazine that represent stops on the map to connect it slightly, as well as filling empty space.

Moving on to my title page for my story. I was originally going to split the body text up on four pages, but I realized I could fit it all on one, and I didn’t need to added it where it wasn’t needed. So bare with me here on this idea of mine: I chose the image that you see on both pages because I like it and how vibrant and colorful it is. Then of course my actual story has a very bland color scheme, basically the same color for everything. This was supposed to be a play on of “going underground.” At the top (the title) it is colorful and vibrant, but when you go underground, it is neutral and dark. This also explains why I chose all black and white photos for my visuals. It held together with the theme, as well the fact that I loved those pictures. Anyways, back to the title page really quick: I chose not to add text because there really wasn’t room for any and I think just having the title is more dramatic and appealing anyways.

Alright back to the actual story! As I mentioned, I purposely chose to make this page “bland” in a sense. Catering to my audience once again, I figured they wouldn’t want colors popping out at them the entire time and distracting them from the story. On top of that, the color scheme is mature, and this story is definitely intended for a mature audience (in the sense of knowing kids probably won’t care about the history of the map and underground). I chose to tilt the image on the top left purely out of creative choice. When it was straight it just seemed too bland for this page, which is hard to do. I added borders to connect the images to the color scheme as well as give more color to the page. As you can see, I added a very transparent image of the original map to the background of this spread. Once again this is simply out of creative choice, I just liked the way it looked, and it was cool to get to use another image in my story. I think it also ties in very well with the theme.

Lastly, the lovely sidebar. This was another thing I am not super happy with, but don’t hate. I just didn’t know what to do with so many images, but at the same time, only using a couple felt wrong too. Ultimately I decided to showcase them in a unusual fashion by tilting them, which I believe is okay because it balances out the seriousness of the story with a bit of goofiness. The sidebar topic itself is goofy in its own sense, so I felt making it even more goofy was fitting. I feel like I should also mention that I am aware my story goes from a three column to a two column, but I did this by choice. There was no need for a third column, and I thought a sidebar looked better there anyways.

Now to talk about my process. I went into this a little more confident than I should have. I designed a magazine for C226 last spring, so I figured this would be cake for me. BOY WAS I WRONG. One thing I didn’t consider was that I couldn’t take my own photos. I had to choose one, which in a sense limited me. I took the photos for my last magazine design with purpose in mind, things like “Oh I’ll make sure to leave a lot of background space so I can add body text there” and such. This time around I didn’t have that luxury, but this is a better example of how the real world works. Odd are, the person taking the picture won’t be designing the magazine, so it was nice to learn how to deal with that. InDesign isn’t my favorite by any means, but this time around I slightly enjoyed it. It was kind of therapeutic to mess around with my design and learn how to do new things. One thing I got good at this time around was adding images to fit the area I wanted them to, and cropping and sizing them just right. Something I could definitely use some work in is effects and typography. I love getting to pick out fonts, but it is stressful because there are SO many to choose from. As for effects, there are so many things you can do, and I can definitely improve on learning which things are good to use, and which should be used sparingly.

Overall I have a fun time doing this, and if I could change anything it would be to “cheat” in a sense and look at google pictures of sidebars or ASF’s for inspiration. NOT copying, but just to see how other people vision things, and get my creative juices flowing. Similar to how I felt when I walked in and saw my classmate’s versions and instantly thought of more ideas. It was hard to start with a blank page and make it stand out and be super awesome! I have so much respect for designers of magazines now, I never really understood how hard of a job it is. Now every time I pick up a magazine I feel like I will be haunted by always critiquing the design based off of what I learned in class, but I guess that can’t be a bad thing, huh?